Slider revolution glitch

I have a photo slider built using slider revolution.
Over the sliding photos there’s a red overlay showing on each photo. Text in the overlay I’ve changed it today.
Problem is: the new text I’ve edited today in the overlay is visible on desktop computers, laptops, iPads.
On iPhone devices instead, is showing the old version of the text.

Here is an image of the overlay to understand what I’m talking about. The image is taken from a laptop computer, and is showing the correct text I’ve edited today. On iPhones instead it shows the old version.

Can you advise what the problem might be?

Hi @giusep71,

Thank you for writing in, that could be a caching related, please clear all your caching plugins and feature including your mobile phone’s browser cache.

Or it could be the custom grid sizes, where you can have a different layout/content on the desktop and different on mobile view (please watch the following video)

How to Make Your Slider Responsive With Slider Revolution 5.4+

Slider Revolution Responsive Tutorial

Let us know how it goes,

Hi. I’ve gone through all videos, FAQs, I have not found the answer to the problem. Cleared the cache didn’t help.
I don’t see any evident reason in settings (as far as I see) for this behaviour. Yet the content displaying on desktop computer is different from the content showing on iPhone devices.

Is there a functionality within slider revolution to add content/text to show on certain devices only?

Hey @giusep71,

To your question:

That’s answered previously by Friech. Please watch this tutorial video again: Just after a few seconds of watching, you’ll see that the Responsive Icons.

Please click the text layer and click on the phone icon to edit the phone view.

Hope that helps.

Hi. I have done that as you’re suggesting. Although any change I make within the phone view/icon are not reflected. I do mean when browsing from a phone, the changes which are applied within slider revolution are not showing. Nor about text or about position of the text. Is this a hint of something else perhaps?

In that case, please give us WordPress admin access in a Secure Note.


Here you find the access credentials.
Thanks for taking a look.

Thanks for giving us the credentials. However, they do not work. Please check.

Just to be sure, I have sent you new credentials.

Hi @giusep71,

It appears to be corrupted as it also happens on actual slider preview. But any layers I added and change works perfectly except for that specific text layer. Could you try deleting those text layers and add a new one, then re-arrange it for each device again.


It’s fixed now.

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

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