Slider revolution not working after update to 6.1

HI again i have been using slider revolution for years now - and the free version was more than enough for my simple needs to just have basic sliders with nothing fancy on top of my page:} when i upgraded to 6.0 - everything was still great - and my sliders ( the one i have for my site home page ) was there as well and not so long ago i used it to add and change some things on my slider.

Then yesterday i did an update - again and now when i go into slider revolution - i can not see my saved sliders - all i see are 4 buttons - add new, import etc… but even those buttons - i press and nothing happens - so i just have a black screen - and nothing works.

Please advise - because i flushed all cashes - and deactivated the plugin and installed again - but the same result.

your advise is greatly appreciated and im posting here in case another has the same problem - thanks -

PS I also realise i am on Integrity - normal - not child theme - in case that helps.
happy new year to all

Hello Andrew,

Thanks for writing in! We have tested Rev Slider 6.1.5 and we do not encounter any issue. To better assist you with your issue, kindly provide us access to your site so that we can check your settings. Please create a secure note with the following info:
– Link to your site
– WordPress Admin username / password

To know how to create a secure note, please check this out:


hey guys just a quick update from my side -i deleted rev slider - completely - and found i had a file in my mac- where i have your x them install files as addons - so i reinstalled - hoping to fix - and it came with a needed update - so i did that and got back to exactly the same screen as my previous reply :}

but on the front end - the slider is still showing how weird -
thanks for help - here is all you need below

password 194!cZ(6TNNrfAEyVOp7s%LH

Hey Andrew,

I deactivated all plugin except Cornerstone and Slider Revolution and your sliders showed up. I activated the plugins again after that.

Please try testing for a plugin conflict. You can do this by deactivating all third party plugins, and seeing if the problem remains. If it’s fixed, you’ll know a plugin caused the problem, and you can narrow down which one by reactivating them one at a time.

Once you’ve found the conflicting plugin, report this problem to the plugin developer.


ok cool - super thanks - i was afraid to do that but i through it could be something else - and i will follow your instructions and i will keep here updated as well for others to maybe help as well ::} - big hugs - andrew:}

oh dear site is down front end now -

Hello Andrew,

I have deactivated your WP Fastest Cache and enabled the WPBakery Page Builder. I also configured your SSL settings correctly.

Please check your site now.

wow what a weekend - so - the site was down and i got my server guys to help out - and they told me that my cashe plugins wp-fastest cashe are conflicting with my other plugins - and woocommerce included. more specific -
themify-wc-product-filter ( i have lots of woocommerce paid pro plugins as well -so i was very upset - and the best they could do is give me the front end - with woo deactivated . . - and everything else - so i had a front page - and some blogs etc… so luckily i also a backup i did a few month s ago - thanks to updraftplus - so they told me at worst - get a developer to sort out - or load the last good backup and hope that will work.

so with my worry - that if i restore from backup i will not really be fixing anything - i put that as a ultimate last resort . . and left the site as it was. . with just the basic plugins turned on - and my front page was showing script instead of good. then i also turned woocommerce ( just the shop pluign nothing else - ) - and went to sleep.

the next day however…i could see that the front end was now showing all the products - exactly as they were - and categories were all there as well. . . so i was very happy and though - ok . . .so my site is coming back… - i had clients from abroad email me saying they cant make orders - so of course i had to turn on and test all the other critical plugins i can not be without - which are - booster for woocommerce - shipping by wieight - paypal for woo. .braintree for woo and invoices - and woo pro product search - ( all the other plugins are off - but still there ) - and i have cloud flare also connected so i got that going again - and all is good so far from a front end - and i needed Short Pixel as well - paid to reduce and extendons mini cart - as well so now it seems my clients are actually sending orders through and thank god for that - because i can not afford to loose any business.

My only problem is that even with the minimum plugins on - ( and the others deactivated ) - sadly my Slider `Revolution - is now back to the same - frozen - not working state - any ideas please :}

for example - some queeries i have - when a plugin is deactivated - but still installed - does that have any effect ? should i just try to delete the cashe plugins - maybe that will fix

Hey Andrew,

Let me answer this first:

Please deactivate all the 18 “minimum” plugins as one of them is the conflicting plugin. Please note that testing for plugin conflict is not a part of theme support. Once you found the conflicting plugin, you need to report it to the plugin developer.

Usually, no. Some plugins like performance and security plugins leave configurations in Wordpress files especially wp-config.php.

Ask the cache plugin support how to completely delete the cache plugin because like I said, performance plugins usually leave configurations in your site even after uninstalling them.

We understand that you’re desperate and it really is frustrating if your site has a problem. But, please also understand that our theme and bundled plugins are only a part of WordPress. There are a lot of stuff beyond our products’ control like this issue you’re having. I’d recommend you hire a WordPress developer to work closely with you to attend to issues like this. Having a personal developer is important when running an online business.

Thank you for understanding.

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