Off Canvas Button Not Showing Text

I’m trying to setup the off canvas content area to be triggered by a button with text, the button functions properly as in it triggers the canvas to appear/hide but the text doesn’t actually show on the button. I’ve attached screen shots.

Hi @uniqconcepts,

Thank you for writing in, That issue is usually caused by a broken CSS or HTML, please check all your custom CSS area (Theme options > CSS, page > CSS, Header CSS and Footer CSS, and Element’s CSS), check for any broken CSS syntax and address it, you can use this tool here.

If the issue persists, please provide us login credentials in a secure note so we can take a closer look.

And did you use the Toggle Hash option of the Off-Canvas Content and use that on the Button’s URL? If so, please be aware that there is a bug on that setup, read more about that bug here.


Thanks, I ended up using a plugin that did the trick. I’ll double check all of my CSS to ensure there isn’t any issues with the markup that may affect something else.

Hi @uniqconcepts,

Glad you sorted things out, do you still have the page template where we can see the button issue? Or can you provide us a step by step guide on how we can replicate the issue? I tried to replicate it on my dev site but I can’t replicate the text disappearing issue.


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