When I'm trying to edit the cornerstone, it doesn't show the preview!

When I’m trying to edit the cornerstone, it doesn’t show the preview! What am I doing wrong? I just purchased the theme and I’m in the process of setting it up.

Hi Sheina,

Thank you for writing in, please provide us login credentials in a secure note so we can take a closer look.

And currently, your homepage is your blog index page, please keep in mind that you can not edit the blog index page on Cornerstone. If you want a home page that is editable in Cornerstone, please create new pages and name it Home and Blog.

Then navigate to Settings > Reading, set the Home to be the Homepage and Blog as the Posts page. With that, you can now edit the home page in Cornerstone.


It’s okay now. I deactivated my other plugins and I saw it.

Glad you sorted things out, may we know what plugin is it?


All of it, except Yoast and Table of contents.

I see, thanks for sharing. Though, there should be no issue with Yoast.

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