Having trouble with permanent URL and thumbnail

Hello, I don’t know why but just installed the x theme on gatudigital.com.br and the URL pages are not updating.

Like the page http://gatudigital.com/?page_id=5845 was supposed to be http://gatudigital.com/masterclass, I am updating again and again and it’s not working, the “id=5845” part won’t go away.

My second issue is the thumbnail page. I added an image but when I try to post it, also not working

Hey @digohs,

Thanks for posting in!

The https"//example.com/?page_id=5845 is the default permalink. If you want to change the permalink to something like https://example.com/masterclass/, you must have set the permalinks to display the “Post Name” in Settings > Permalinks. You also need to make sure that your .htacess can be edited dynamically by WP or else you will have to edit it manually. For more details about setting your permalinks, kindly check out this WordPress documentation:

We would love to know if this has helped you.

Thank you! The permalinks are now working :slight_smile:

What about the thumbnail page? Can you help me with that too?

Hello @digohs

I am not sure about which thumbnail page are you talking about. Can you share a screenshot of the issue and the page URL? So that we can understand the issue properly and provide an exact solution.

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  • WordPress Login URL
  • Admin level username and password

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