Revolutionary Slider Video not autoplaying in Firefox

Hi There,
I have set up an HTML5 video in revolution slider. I though it worked fantastically in Chrome…But the auto play is not working in firefox. I have tested by changing start At and end At times but only to find when I change the Start At time to say 00:15 and refresh the firefox browser the video shows what the image should be at that exact time and stays at that frame. There is either an issue with firefox or the Start AT and end At options in the Revolution slider source settings.

Can you assist ?

HI @deanrix,

I checked and the slider seems to work fine on my end in firefox and chrome.

Can you provide us your wordpress admin login in Secure Note so we can test the start and end time.


Hey @deanrix,

I have replicated the issue in my test site so I’d recommend that you alternatively use LayerSlider which is another slider plugin bundled in X. I’ve tested LayerSlider and it autoplays the video smoothly both in Chrome and Firefox.

For more details about LayerSlider, please see

Hope that helps.

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