Multiple colors in Navigation Xtheme Pro

I am trying to ad multiple colors in the navigation menu (within the css section of header pro xtheme). Via the edit section it works just fine as you can see in the results below! (left side navbar)

If I safe it and see the result, nothing changed!

Can you please help me with this:

Thank you!

Hi @macvink,

Thanks for reaching out.

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Yes… see secure note! :+1:

Hi @macvink,

I just check your header but I couldn’t replicate your first image where you have different menu colors. This is what I see on your Header Builder.

Please let us know how did you change the menu from different colors.

Hope that helps.

Thank you.


Go to: layout > left > bar 2 > container 1 > Navigation collapsed

Within you see different menu locations (assign menu). If you choose location: Primary Menu or Menu HBSRKL it change in different colors. The colors seem to switch between location: Primary Menu and Menu HBSRKL. If I save it, you don’t see the change live. If you look at customize you see the css of this element.

Hope you have a solution!


Hi @macvink,

The custom codes have been written based on the id or # selector, you need to add on class selected i.e .. I went ahead and change your custom code for a particular menu item, and it started working.
The code I changed, just replace the # by . and add !important to override the style added through the settings.

$el .menu-item-9096 a 
    background-color: #99c22e !important;

$el .menu-item-9096 a:hover
    background-color: #01a550 !important;

Please apply the same for other menu items, please let us know if you face any difficulties doing this.


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Thank you for your help. Problem solved.

Hello @macvink,

Glad that we were able to help you. Please feel free to reach us if you have any query regarding our theme.

Have a great day!

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