Some Current UI issues - Vid link Attached

Hi James,

Thank you for writing in and sorry that you’re having that issue, that is a strange one. Do you have other PC/MAC or laptop where you can test if the issue is happening in there as well?

If the issue persists, please provide us login credentials in a secure note so we can take a closer look.


Hello and thanks for the attention. If I continue to up the font size with the safari app I can finally see the numbers. But it’s rather larger all way round.

The issue with the inspectors has not recurred.

Hi James,

I think I see what’s happening here. Under Safari’s accessibility settings can you try disabling the setting where it enforces a minimum font size? You should see everything restored after doing that. In some places we use a base font size of 8px, but most of the time this is scaled up using EM/REM units. When Safari enforces a higher root font size it throws off the scaling in several places throughout the UI.

We have some styles in place to prevent browsers from adjusting the font size in the UI but it’s not recognized by all browsers (notably Safari).

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Hello James,

Thanks for updating in!

Meanwhile, please find the dock icon in the left side panel to Dock or Undock the Layout, Element and Inspector tabs.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Alexander, I’ll make that change. It’s just that often I come to websites I find hard to read! I’ll have to make some changes. Also, is there a link to bit of eduction on the EM/REM units? I notice several scaling options and don’t know what I’m doing.:roll_eyes:

It works!! A bit of joy to be had!

I updated the secure note login info. It was wrong… Sorry

Hello James,

You can find the dock/undock icons and the horizontal/vertical panel icon in the left side of the screen.

Hope this helps.

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