Adding something to Portfolio Page

I would like add an Instagram feed to a page that is set to Layout - Portfolio. Is this possible? Or is there a workout you can suggest?

I know I can’t edit the Portfolio pages due to the nature of them.

I have tried adding the instagram shortcode to the footer, but it doesn’t display correctly.

So to clarify, I would like a portfolio page with an instagram feed below it.

Hello Farokh,

Yes, it is possible by updating template on the child theme or adding it on the footer.
Adding it using template, please copy this file:
To the same folder path on your child theme here:
Edit the template as needed.

Another way is using Action and Filters and adding the code on child theme’s functions.php instead. Check this guide.

Can you describe the issues you’re having when adding it on the footer? Thanks.

Hey there,

When I add it to the footer, it behaves like this;

If I could fix this and have it in the footer, it would save me a lot of trouble.

I don’t understand the method you put regarding updating the child theme, could you make a video for it? And I have several pages with portfolios on, will this add the instagram feed to every page with Portfolio layout checked? Because if so, its not what I want anyway.

Hey Farokh,

The Instagram display might be dependent the dimensions of its container. If the container is small, the Instagram display will also be small.

I see you’re using the Pro Footer Builder. Your Bar’s Height must be set to auto.

Your Container’s Self Flex must be set to Fill Space so that it fills the width of the bar’s content.

And. the Text element you inserted your Instagram shortcode should have a Width of 100% so that the Instagram display will fill that up.

If that doesn’t help, please give us the URL of the page where this issue is happening and also your site’s WordPRess Login URL, username and password in a Secure Note.

Regarding the instruction Lely suggested, she presumed that you know how to code. If that is not the case, please disregard the instruction as working with custom code also is considered custom development and we do not cover support for issues that will arise from the use of it and further enhancements.


Thanks buddy this worked.

Glad to hear that. :slight_smile:

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