Dropdown menu not showing itself in certain browsers/operating systems

Hi there,

We’ve stumbled upon a peculiar issue concerning a dropdown menu - namely, on some browsers and operating systems it works (Windows & Firefox+Opera), while on some it doesn’t work (Windows & Chrome; Mac & Chrome+Safari).
Another peculiarity is that it’s functioning in all browsers and on all operating systems (of the devices we have to test it on!) on the homepage, while the rest of the pages don’t have the dropdown menu appearing once a mouse is hovered over it. That said, we haven’t had this issue happen on our Windows computer with Firefox+Opera, the menu appears in all of the pages just fine.

When we were troubleshooting and checking for problems, we found out that their WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE was set up as define( 'WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE', false ); which we then changed to define( 'WP_AUTO_UPDATE_CORE', true ); in the hopes that maybe a plugin that needed updating was the cause of the heartache. That solved the problem only halfway, since before we did any updates to the website, the dropdown didn’t appear anywhere but on the homepage, after the code change our Windows & Firefox+Opera combination was able to display the dropdown menu.

What could be the cause of the issue and how do we take care of it? We’re adding the login info for the website in a secure note, please let us know if you need any more information.

Thank you in advance!

Hey @INcroatia,

I tested the OS and browsers that you said the dropdowns aren’t working and I couldn’t replicate the issue. I testing using Windows & Chrome; Mac & Chrome+Safari.

You might have installed a browser extension in those browsers that are conflicting with the dropdown or introduces a Javascript error. Please check and if possible, try reinstalling the browsers.


Hi @christian_y,

The browsers on which we can’t see the dropdown have no extensions installed, while the browsers that have extensions installed are without a problem. We are fairly certain that this is not a browser issue but rather a website one.

As mentioned, everything works fine on the homepage, but when we go to a different page (this one, for example), the dropdown doesn’t show itself.

Any more ideas as to what’s the matter with the dropdown?

Hey @INcroatia,

Sorry I got confused by your description. I checked the page you posted and when I first checked the dropdown didn’t work in all browsers both in Windows and Mac.

I logged in to your site and saw that the dropdown works when logged in so, at this point, I know that there’s nothing wrong with the theme.

I saw you’re using WP Fastest Cache and deleted all cache and minified files. The result, it didn’t work immediately. I’ve waited like 30+ minutes and loaded the page again and the dropdown now works.

With all that said, this is not a theme issue. If this happens again, please contact the caching plugin support.

Hope that helps.

Hello all,

We’ve still not found a solution to this problem. Any other ideas we could explore?

Hello Paper+Screen,

@Christian has tested the site thoroughly. I am another staff checking and this is the first time I viewed your site. I can see the submenu in it. This is what I am seeing.

Please do a test of your site in another computer or another device.

Hi @RueNel,

We have solved this issue in the end, thank you.

We’re glad that your issue was resolved.

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