PRO: Center Header Elements

I am having trouble centering 3 header containers. Left is two buttons, Center is logo, and Right is Collapsed Navigation.

Can someone assist with centering these? I can send a private message with login information if necessary.

See attached Graphic

Hi Randall,

Thanks for reaching out.

To center an element in the header container, go to flexbox settings section in your container and in the align horizontal select “center”.

Hope that helps.

Thank you.

It is centered… Is it possible I do not have the containers set up where it looks like this? Or do I have to set specific widths for the containers?

Hello Randall,

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Hello Randall,

I created a new page called “Test page” and a new Header called Test Header By Themeco. Here I set the max-width of the bar is 980px and three columns max-width 45%, 20%,30% respectively.

We need to set max-width of containers for proper alignment in different views.
Please check the screenshots too.

Test-Header-by-Themeco-Headers-Pro (5)

Hope it helps you.

Thank you…however, we wanted it to be full width as it was before…how can we accomplish what you did with that in mind?

Hi Randall,

I made changes on the header, I created Test Header By Themeco. I have set the Header Fullwidth. I have made changes on “Content Max Length” and set as “None

Please check the header and let me know.

Hope it helps you.

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