Looper provider/consumer category taxonomy display

Hi, I just play with some looper and provider setups.

Not sure how to explain that right. I have a column declared as a looper provider within the post archive page. Within this column is a button which is a looper consumer. With these buttons I want to display my post categories. I also have 7 posts and 4 categories. Each post is marked with only one category. 3 posts with category A, 2 posts with category B and one post with C and one with D.

The consumer button and the archive page etc. works pretty well and the name of the categories are shown in the buttons. But: there’re exactly 7 buttons which shows the category depends on the amount of posts in this category. Like this:

category A - category A - category B - category A - category B - category C - category D

If I’d copy a post and mark him with “category B”, another button with category B would pop up. How I do the setup which shows only the 4 category buttons?

I also tried with query string and {{dc:term:title}} or change the taxonomies field from “any” to the specific categories. No changes.

May I missing something or is it just a simple mistake somewhere?

Hello @ronaldo304,

Thanks for writing in!

Each of the buttons represents a post displaying the category. If you want to display 4 items only, use “Many” items and set it to 4.

By the way, we highly recommend that you set the Row element as the looper provider and the column will be the looper consumer. You may also need to add the Title element, the content element, and the button that you have added to display the post categories. Each column display will be the respective post item which you currently have 7 posts.

Kindly check out these video tutorials for more details:

Hope this helps.

Hi Ruenel, maybe I didn’t explain it correctly. I don’t want to show recent post or something like that. I just want to show buttons that represent all categories.

“Category A” “Category B” “Category C” “Category D” with a link to each category index page I’ve already created. I could do it simply by building 4 buttons and inserting the links by hand, but there might be more categories to follow, which should then be displayed automatically as buttons. It’s just the same thing like the common “show categories”-widgets from wordpress. But I just don’t want to use the “ugly” widget.

And I don’t need a column in which to display text or headings. The workaround with a cell as provider and a button as consumer works pretty well, but somehow I’m not able to show the categories name in the button textfield.

And the hint with “many” and set items to 4 doesn’t work in this case because than the buttons shows 4 times the category of the last posts and this could be 4 posts with the same category and than it looks like “Category A” “Category A” “Category A” “Category A”.

There’re so many options in looper fields and so many condition options, but showing the category name seems to hide somewhere if it exists. I’ve seen in different forum posts that simply showing categories is a confusing and complicated thing. Is it?

Thank you very much for your patience with me :wink:

Hey @ronaldo304,

To better assist you with your issue, we kindly provide us access to your site so that we can check your looper provider and lopper consumer settings. Please create a secure note with the following info:
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Hey @ronaldo304,

What you have in mind is not currently possible. The Looper Provider options can get Terms of Posts and not Terms alone.


With that said, you need to manually add the buttons.


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