Bought basic theme, then upgraded to Pro - won't validate

The website is Perim Lang Antiques, on a staging server at a new hosting provider (I can provide link privately if needed)

They had the theme installed by a previous developer who is not communicating and it had not been validated. So I bought a new version of the theme starting with the basic theme for $29 with its own purchase code, and then took advantage of an offer to upgrade to Pro which has a different purchase code.

When I enter Pro code in the validation code box it says: We’ve checked the code, but it doesn’t appear to be an Cornerstone purchase code or Themeco license. Please double check the code and try again.

I then tried entering the original code and the message says: This looks like a brand new purchase code that hasn’t been added to a Themeco account yet. Login to your existing account or register a new one to continue.

I tried changing the URL from (which is hosted on the old developers server) to (not providing full URL to public:), but it still does not accept the Pro purchase code.

Hi @tomrogers,

Thanks for reaching out.

To better help you with your concerns, please give us the following information in a Secure Note.

  • WordPress Login URL
  • Admin level username and password

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Thank you.

The secure note link is not showing in the reply window, just the editing tools at the top?

Hello @tomrogers

Thanks for sharing your credentials. I went ahead and check your site Dashboard, It seems that you have not installed the Pro theme at your server. There is still X theme installed. I would suggest you download your Pro theme from your “Themeco” account Dashboard and install it first then insert your license code to validate it.

In case if you haven’t seen theme installation please have look at it.

Please have a look at our validation doc.

Hope it helps

The X theme is there, but I’m now realizing that it was not activated. It seems that the theme called Virtue Premium is the default, but that’s not activated either. When I click to edit a page, it’s Virtue that comes up for editing, even though it’s not validated with a license key?

I guess I thought it was X as I can see Cornerstone as an editing option.

I would prefer to use X, as I’m familiar with it, plus I have no way to validate the Virtue theme. I’m concerned that the appearance of the website will change when I activate X. Will the website look the same when I flip it over to X?

Hello, @tomrogers,

The X theme has a different structure and the style than the currently active theme. Activating the X theme may affect the style of current pages, which can be resolved through the style or available options inside the Theme.


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