Bad view for mobile version


bad view for mobile version. Footer in Customization is OK.

But bad footer showed in real mobile device.

Hello Teem,

Thanks for writing in!

This usually happens when the height of the bar is set to a fixed value. I would recommend that you set it to auto.

Hope this helps.

I have height set it to auto but wrong showed in mobile device. It is absolutely other how in Customization. I do not understand.

Hello Teem,

Woud you mind providing pus with the admin access to your site in a Secure Note so that we can have a look ourselves and check your setup?:

Hey @matuskm,

Your site is currently down. Please check.

If you have IP restrictions or any other mechanism that prevents access to your site, please disable them while we solve this issue.


at the entrance to the administration?

Hey @matuskm,

I’m sorry but I’m not sure what you mean by:

Would you mind clarifying?


I mean by login to administration wp or all page blocked?
I use Wordfence security.

Hi @matuskm,

I cannot access the entire site.


Ouuu sorry guys.

It’s my fault.

I wrote wrong url. Url is repaired.

Hello Teem,

We cannot access the WP login. All we can see is this:

Please double check.

GeoIP filter is disable :slight_smile:

Hi Teem,

I am able to login now.

Your Footer mobile bar height is set to auto. Please set the other two footer bar height to auto. The first one height is set to just calc(). Let’s make it auto too

Although, I cannot see the issue on both Iphone and Samsung phone. Can you check again on incognito mode. If the issues persists, can you share the specific phone and browser version you were using? Thanks.

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