Apply New License to Existing Install

Hi, we took over a site that use the Themeco Pro theme and it was not licensed properly. We have purchased a new Themeco X Pro license through Envato. Now we cannot get this new license to apply. We have created a Themeco account (per instructions), but everytime we try anything the Themeco website tells us the following:

This looks like a brand new license that hasn’t been added to a Themeco account yet. Login to your existing account or register a new one to continue. - We have created an account already.

When we click ‘login and register’ we see our license and have the option to validate and when we click the ‘yes’ button, we continually get this message: Oh my. It looks like this page has been lost. We seem to constantly end up and some 404 not found page.

How can we apply this license to our theme.


Hi Cassie,

Thanks for reaching out!

I just check your account and your license code was validated on this website (see secure note for more information). If you are still having an issue, would you mind sharing your WordPress credentials so that we can confirm? To do that, please give us the following information in a Secure Note.

  • WordPress Login URL
  • Admin level username and password

You can find the Secure Note button at the bottom of your posts.

Thank you.

Thank you I will post the info you need to help me :slight_smile:

Hello Cassandra,

You have purchased the incorrect theme. You need the Pro theme and not the X theme that you just purchased in Themeforest.

We highly recommend that you ask for a refund in Envato (the parent company of Themeforest). You can read more about their process here:

Best Regards.

I am having the same issue and this is a license for Pro…or so I assume. Please tell me how to resolve this.

We have tried to apply the two licenses listed below with no success. We understand that the second license listed should not be for Pro.

We also attempted this with all plugins disabled.

Hey There,

The first license you’ve listed is an X license so you won’t be able to validate Pro with that. You’ll either need to upgrade the license or use a different one. Once that’s done you can use it properly.

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