Full width row background color on a section of a page

I have been trying to make a section background of a solid color up to the margin without much success:
I followed other posts from the forum and marked Global Container off on the row, but the background colour does not reach the border:


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I created the secure note for you. Thanks.

Hi @mediosav,

To make the page a truly fullwidth page and sections, please edit the page and change the page template to Blank - No Container | Header, Footer.

To know more about page settings, please see https://theme.co/docs/page-settings#page-attributes

Hope this helps!

I knew that already, but that would force me to adjust the other sections. Isn’t the row global container button supposed to have the desired effect?

Hi @mediosav,

It works perfectly, but as my colleague says that it depends on the Template you have chosen or the value set into the Site Width, Site Max Width in Theme Options > Layout And Design. I would suggest you check and set the values according to your need.

Hope it helps.

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