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Hi there

I have a section with 2 columns both containing classic icon list. I have images for the icons and these are animated. However I notice that they are really slow on loading until you are almost past them. Is there a way of speeding these up a bit.

I am using pro.


Hey Eileen,

Please double check if you’re using the Classic Icon List as it has no animation setting.

I believe you’re using the Classic Feature List. It’s the Animation Offset that is set to 50 by default that is responsible for the delay. Please try a higher value. I’d recommend trying 70 to 100.

Hope that helps.

thank you Christian I will try that and yes you are quite correct it was the Feature List !

Kind regards

Hi Christian

I cant actually find that setting anywhere! I have double double checked

Hey Eileen,

In that case, please give us the URL of the page where you’ve added the Feature List and access to your WordPress admin in a Secure Note.


OK no probs

Hey Eileen,

I’m sorry for the lack of info. The Animation Offset would only be available if you have set Connector Animation other than None.

I tested setting the Animation Offset to 100 and now the animation begins earlier.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you for all your help.

Thats much better now.

You’re most welcome!

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