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Hi, ive followed the support in this topic:

After i done the body tag, my entire header is missing. Header tag is fine though.

or should i use legacy instead >

Hi Sathis,

Thank you for writing in, yes please try that solution by Thai on that thread.

Keep in mind that is only for the code in <body> , keep your other code on the <head>.

Let us know how it goes,

Doing either one makes my whole header disappear. Ive tried to purge all cache with no avail. What should i do? Both tags are working fine but the website has no header, no logo and no menu.

The issue is body tag, header tag is ok.

Hi @emperorthemes,

In that case, please provide us login credentials (wp-admin and FTP) in a secure note so we can take a closer look.


Provided admin and ftp.

Hi Sathis,

Thanks, I did go ahead and fixed it, I see you edited the /framework/views/header/base.php file, that’s the wrong file. The correct file is, /framework/legacy/cranium/headers/views/global/_header.php

I renamed your base.php so it does not affect the site.


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