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We’ve a several questions, see attachment

  1. We want no white space between the boxes. How can we do this?
  2. There is to much space between the photo and text (H5).
  3. Is it possible that all the white boxes have the same hight?
    We’re waiting for your answer. Thanks.


Hey Carla,

Thanks for the screenshot. Regretfully, it’s not enough for us to identify the cause of the issue.

Did this happen after the update? If so, please go to WPBakery Page Builder Settings > General and make sure “Legacy X Integration” is enabled. The reason for that was posted in our latest Release Notes.

If that’s not the case, please give us WordPress Admin access in a Secure Note.


Hi Christian,
Thanks for your answer.
It was not an update. I have send you the secure note. Would you look at the page: ?

Thanks, Carla

Hi Carla,

Please refer to your screenshot.

  1. on your content band, please add a Class mbn this will remove the white boxed below your content band.

  2. That space is the headline’s default top margin, please add a Class mtn to your headline
    example: <h5 class="mtn">Some Headline Here</h5>

More about these Spacing Helpers here (see at the bottom of that page).

  1. Inspect the Row of those columns and add display: flex; on its Style field.

Hope it helps,

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