Menu Icon doesn't work in Iphone 6

Good evening.
I have a big problem, which started when I loaded the last version of X-Theme.
I can’t see anymore the menu of my website in my Iphone 6. I can see only my homepage, I can the the menu icon, but it is static. If I click on it, nothing occours.
I tested my website with the Wordpress team and they have seen that the problem is in the X-Theme, because with other theme the problem doesn’t exist. Wordpress team support have seen that che problem there is also with other kind of phones.
In Samsung smatphone there isn’t this problem, but I have an Iphone 6 and I can’t see anymore my website. Please, can you help me?
Thank you so much

Hello Patrizia,

Thanks for writing in! You may be having some caching issues. Please check out this documentation:

It could also be caused by a plugin conflict, amongst other things. Please check out this troubleshooting article here and follow the instructions for the following sections (where appropriate):

If after trying all of the above things you are still experiencing problems, please reply below, including login details to your site in a secure note, so that we can investigate further. You can add a secure note by clicking on the key icon underneath your post and then entering the details into the modal that appears. This way, the information will only be seen by you and us. You can create a secure note in your next reply with the following info:
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Best Regards.

Hello Patrizia,

I have checked your site on my android phone. The mobile menu is working.

See the secure note.

Please make sure that all the site’s resources have been loaded on your iPhone browser first before you can click the mobile menu.

Kindly let us know how it goes.

Hi @ruenel.
I know that my website works on Android phones, but not also in my Iphone 6.
I don’t understand what does it mean that I have to waite that the resourses are loaded. I waite minutes, but nothing change. With wordpress team support we chacked other theme and the problem there isn’t. They are sure that it is a problem of X-Theme, and exactly the last version. When I click on the menu button, it changes because it is lighted, but it doesn’t open the menu. Please, I can’t use my website in my mobile phone. Wordpress team also used a Iphone 6 and they have verified the same problem, wich is a X-Theme problem. Please, check with a Iphone 6, because I need a solution.
What I have to do? What I have to wait? More than 2 minutes? I did it, and in any case it woldn’t be normal.
Thank you.

Please, may I have an aswer about my big problem? Can you check my website in a Iphone?
I just inform you that the problem exists only with my Iphone and not also with Android, but half world has Iphone mobile.
Thank you

Hey Patrizia,

This could be a bug which is already been reported to our development team. Right now, we don’t have a solution, and just note that iPhone 6 is an old device, and its iOS and Safari version is no longer supported by WordPress.

Just stay tuned.


FYI, I also have this problem on iPhone 6 on my site

The mobile menu doesn’t work in either Safari or Chrome on iPhone 6 for me (although I appreciate iPhone 6 is pretty ancient!).

Hello @c_knights ,

Your feedback is added to our issue tracker.


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