Cornerstone and Polylang problem


I have a problem with my clients website. When I go to Pages and select a page and then click on Edit with Cornerstone I get this:

Weird thing is that it’s only 2 pages that have this problem. Also if I view the website, select X and and then click on Edit Page I am able to edit the page without any problems.

I suspect the problem is the Polylang plugin since the pages url should be, but the error mentions this url: Seems like the languages are switched up somehow.

I’ve tried the following on the staging website:

  • Deactivate the plugins and reactivate them one by one. The problem still occurs, except when I deactivate Polylang.
  • WP_DEBUG: no fatal errors
  • Switched from the child theme to the parent X theme, but problem still occurs.

I’m glad I’m still able to edit pages if I have to, but would really like to know what’s causing the problem. Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

Hey Michelle,

For this case, we will need to see the error in the console so please provide your site’s WordPress login URL, Username and Password in a Secure Note.


Hi Christian,

Thank you for your reply. I’ll add the login details in the secure not.

Hi Michelle,

It’s known issue caused by Polylang integration with WPML, which then builder interpret as WPML filter. The fix should be available on next X/Cornerstone/Pro release.

There is no temporary workaround for now since the fix will be part of the core, but you can disable polylang and edit your pages manually, then activate polylang and link each pages to their designated page languages. Please check this under Step 2: Associate translation with native post


Hi Rad,

Thank you for your reply! Good to know that’s not something I did wrong. It’s not that bad since I can still edit the pages through the alternative way mentioned earlier. Will look out for the update.

Thanks again!

Hello Michelle,

You can keep track of the update through our changelog and you will also see detailed information about what comes with the update:

Thank you.

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