Fixed widget goes over footer


I use widget sidebar area on my homepage(Made with pro) and when I use fixed widget that stays visible when user scrolls down, the widget goes over the footer.

Now how can I make it go under the footer when scrolled over it? I attached a screenshot so you can get an idea what I mean.


Hello Timo,

This usually happens when you place HTML codes on the page but close them incorrectly which breaks the page layout so kindly double check the page content and make sure that all HTML tags on the page are properly paired and closed.

If you are still not able to get the issue sorted, please provide us with the admin access to your site in a Secure Note:


I can´t find anything wrong so here are the admin details for you:

Hi Timo,

It seems fixed now. I cannot duplicate what you share above:

Please confirm. Thank you.

Sorry the widget was not set fixed. I set it fixed now so you can check the front page again to see the problem.

Hi Timo,

Thanks for providing the details.

I have logged in an check the site and have seen the issue you mentioned. The fixed widget is using a third party plugin for it implementation and as what I can see, the plugin should be able to detect when the current view is outside the main container so that the widget will not float above the footer area but it is not doing this which is causing the issue.

We suggest getting in touch with the plugin developer about this due to the fact that there is simply no way to account for all of the potential variables at play when using another developer’s plugin. Because of this, any questions you have regarding setup, integration, or troubleshooting any piece of functionality that is not native to X will need to be directed to the original developer.

Thank you for your understanding.


Ok thanks for your help!

I´m just wondering why the fixed widget works fine on pages for example This page is made with wordpress classic editor and sidebar fixed widget goes under the footer like it´s supposed to.

So why it doesn´t do that on pages made with pro editor? And as you can see the widget goes under the dark bottom footer, but not the footer with footer widgets?

This is why I thought that the problem might not be with the plugin but with X…


Hi Timo,

I have just checked the other pages and compared it to the homepage and came up with a workaround. Try increasing the z-index of the footer area through CSS like this:

.x-colophon {
    z-index: 99999;

That way, even if the fixed widget remains in a fixed position, the footer area will have a higher z-index so the widget will be behind it.

Hope this helps.

This worked perfectly, thanks a lot!

You’re most welcome, Timo and have a nice weekend!

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