Header and rev slider issue (mobile only)

I have a header with two bars and there is content space behind the lower bar that I have to account for.
For mobile I would like the slider to just fill the entire top section right up against the bottom of the lower header bar but cannot seem to get it to work.
I know the bottom bar on mobile is 25px but it doesn’t work if I just put that top-padding into the section.
The rev slider seems to be centering the slider vertically, I can’t figure out where the extra space is coming from.
Any ideas?

Hi @clefler,

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Hello @clefler,

When inserting a Revolution Slider in Pro Editor, please do not use the Content Area or Raw Content element. You can simply use the Classic Rev Slider element instead.
Screen Shot 2020-10-30 at 7.26.23 AM

By the way, judging from the image, you may have inserted the video incorrectly. To avoid any empty spacing, use the video as a slide background video. Check out this documentation first:

Hope this helps.

ok yes thank you appreciate both of those. I swapped to the classic rev slider element but don’t see a difference. I also need the default controls of the video layer as opposed to the background video technique.

I think the problem is that there is no automatic height setting that I can get to work right in rev slider.

Hello @clefler,

The issue is within your slider video layer. I have edited your test page and added a different slider. There is no spacing around it. Set the Slider Layout Sizing to Auto.

Kindly check it out.

Changing to auto doesn’t change anything since it was on full-width which is the same thing since the video will adjust. The slide you chose is a hero slider and was set to full screen.

Hello @clefler,

On a smaller screen, I am seeing this:

Adding the video as a layer will always create a space since the video will have to resize related to the width or height of the browser. What you have in mind is only possible when you use the video as a slide background.

Thank you for your understanding.

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