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I’m fairly new to using WordPress and I downloaded the X Theme. I’m having a problem where any page I edit and add content to looks fine in Cornerstone but when i try to view it in browser it does not appear. The code/content is there when I inspect it, and the general layout (backgrounds etc.) but no images or words load!

I’m not sure if this is a WordPress issue or something to do with the new theme…

Many thanks for your help.

Hi Zia,

I checked and can see you have w3 total cache installed.

For every changes, you made in your site. Please make sure to clear your plugin cache. This is to ensure that you have the updated version showing up on the front end.

If this does not help, please provide us the exact url of the page and your wordpress admin login in Secure Note


Hi Zia,

Thank you for the credentials, you’re referring to the content of the Information: Text Right sections, right?

The ROW of those sections are hidden on extra large (XL = 1200px and up) screen.

The reason why it’s visible on Cornerstone because on Cornerstone you have the left-panel, which subtract to the overall width of the screen, so you get the large (L = 980px - 1199px) preview on Cornerstone and that is why the content shows up there.

I’ve turned off the Hide Based option of the ROW of the first Information: Text Right section, and as you can see the content of that section is now showing up on the front-end.

More info about the Hide Based feature.

Please keep in mind that on the (V2) Elements, this feature is called Hide During Breakpoint

Hope it helps,

Oh wow, I feel silly…
Thanks so much for your help and speedy reply!


You’re welcome!
We’re glad @Friech were able to help you out.

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