Disable X from Users

I am inside of a test account and X has a link to Templates, Theme Options and more at the top going across the admin toolbar…

This test user only has the basic of permissions, which is just to post, but can access a lot

Hello Lorenzo,

Thanks for writing in!

To resolve your issue, please go to X > Settings > Permissions > {Role Tab} and make sure that Templates, Theme Options, etc. is disabled so that the user does not have any access to it.

Hope this helps. Please let us know how it goes.

Been there. Several times actually. This is what they have access to


I can’t replicate this issue in my test sites.

Can you provide us your wordpress admin login and test user login in Secure Note


Hey Lorenzo,

The user you provided most probably has a hidden capability of an administrator. I have tried unchecking the capabilities you’ve set for your user but I didn’t continue checking everything because there are too many options, I’m afraid that I might mess the configuration up.

With that said, it’s best that you continue testing capabilities. The Theme Options menu is working for WordPress’ default user roles. Please also try based on the default role first then you can customize the capabilities while taking note what you have configured so you can track which one is causing the issue.


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