JQuery errors in cornerstone (newest version)

Getting Uncaught TypeError: o.querySelectorAll(…).map is not a function

this line:
o.querySelectorAll(".x-hide-xl, .x-hide-lg, .x-hide-md, .x-hide-sm, .x-hide-xs").map®,

Also having a weird issue where sometimes if I am using the UI to update styles of elements, the images, text, etc just disappear. I have to clear my cache and re-login and try again to see the content in cornerstone.

Hi @retrosnapshots,

I have tried checking this on my setup using the latest version of X and Cornerstone (X 7.0.3 and Cornerstone 4.0.3 ) and I am not able to replicate the issue that you mentioned.

Would you mind double checking if you have X and Cornerstone updated to the latest version? We’ve seen some cases of either Cornerstone or X being updated, but not both and it causes incompatibility issues.

If both are updated to the latest version, please make sure to clear your site’s cache including your browser cache.

In case the issue persists, please provide us with the admin access to your site in a Secure Note:

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