Footer template error on loading

we are getting this error after imported footer template

please help

Hey Ole,

It looks like the generated CSS of the builder is broken. One major cause of that is syntax errors in any CSS interface of the Theme Options and the builder like the Footer CSS, Content CSS, Element CSS, etc… The quickest way to test if this is the case is you set up a fresh WordPress install in a test server, install Pro and import your footer template. If it works in the test site, it means that there’s a problem with the site you import the template to.

Before troubleshooting, please ensure all caches are cleared and no optimizations are running in your site. That means that if you’re using an optimization plugin like Autoptimize and W3 Total Cache, you need to clear all caches and deactivate them then perform the troubleshooting steps below on the site you imported the template to.

  1. Check if the problem is global. You’ll know if the problem is global if you check several or all pages of your site and the issue persists. In this case, temporarily remove all the code in the Global CSS or Theme Options > CSS (note that I assume you have a place to store all your codes or snippets). If the issue is resolved, check your custom CSS. To help you check for CSS errors, you could use CSS validation tools like If the issue persists, the issue could be in the Header Builder.

  2. Check if the problem is coming from the Header. If you’re using a Global Header, temporarily switch to the original header.

  3. If the problem is not global, check the Content CSS of the page. At this stage, you now know how to check for CSS errors.

  4. If the issue is not from the Content CSS, you must have added an Element CSS. In this case, save the page as a template and import it to a test page. Then, remove sections one by one while check if the issue persists each time.

Only if none of that helps, give us the following information in a Secure Note

  • Download link to the original Footer Template. You can use Dropbox to host the file.
  • WordPress Login URL of the site with issue
  • Admin level username and password
  • Name of the footer template if you’ve renamed it


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