How to Use your One Plan

Let's take a look at how to use One to get answers to all your website building questions.

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Using One, you can ask any questions you have for a single platform or multiple platofrms depending on the package that you choose. Once your purchase is complete, a chat beacon icon will appear at the bottom-right section of your Themeco Dashboard, and you can click it to open up the interface.

Use the interface to add your question by clicking the Email card and the One team will get back to you within few hours. This beacon will be available to you throughout the Themeco website as long as you are logged into your account.

One Plan Intro

You can access past questions by clicking Previous Conversations or add to a topic by clicking Add a reply.

One Plan Reply

Your Plan

All administration of your plan is handled on the subscriptions section of your billing page.


Now you know how to use the One plan to ask questions and engage with the team. We look forward to helping you with your website building questions!

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