New sections not displaying live

Hi there,

We’re having an issue with Pro.

In the editor, we’re able to duplicate a section and make changes, or add a new section and edit.

But when we “save” and view live, the changes do not display.

We’re able to duplicate and edit elements with no issues (it shows up live).
We’re able to duplicate and edit rows with no issues (it shows up live).

However, we’re not able to duplicate or create sections. They don’t appear on the live page at all.

We’ve turned all plugins off, cleared cache, confirmed the theme is up to date with a valid license.

I’ve also brought the page into a testing environment on a separate server to confirm it’s not our CDN or host provider that is the issue.

The section we’re trying to add:

Where it should be, but it’s not:

Please help! Let us know if you need any additional information.

Hi @RachelDi,

Thank you for reaching out to us! If the issue persists after basic troubleshooting as you have mentioned then please provide us with the URL/User/Pass of your WordPress dashboard using the Secure Note functionality of the post to follow up the case.


Hi @RachelDi,

Thanks for providing all your details!

When I check your website on the live website the section is just there, maybe it’s just a cache on your end. See the secure note for more information.

Thank you.

Yes, we found a work-around on the weekend which is to copy the section three times and then it works on the third time. We’d like to not have to do that. Are you able to duplicate a section and see it live? We don’t mind if you try that out yourself to see what we mean.

Hi @RachelDi,

I was able to duplicate your issue and it was due to the styling cache issue. As you can see I was able to duplicate the section because there’s an option to manually clear the style cache. To do that, go to Pro > Settings then located the System tab and you can see the clear style cache button.

Note: I already remove the duplicated items when I am done testing with your live website.

Hope that helps.

Thank you.

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