Svg in new elements and builder issue


I’m having an issue with svg’s and the new elements and the builders (ie. the quick select image areas). Basically the svg’s aren’t showing up. If I use the classic image element, then I have no issue and it shows up just fine within cornerstone builder. This works, but it means I lose the easy styling from the new Pro elements and also means that I lose functionality in the builders.

Please help. Thanks!

Hey @Mark_westcott,

Thank you for reaching out to us. Please check for the following first:


If you still have problems then please get back to us with the result of the steps above and URL/User/Pass of your WordPress dashboard using the Secure Note functionality of the post to follow up the case.


added secure note.


Hi @Mark_westcott,

In the builder, there are two specific elements to show the images, one is Classic Image and another one is Image element.
In your website, these two are working fine, we have created a test page and used these two to show the SVG image that you have specified.
Please let me know if this is not the case, and specify the elements on which you are getting the problem.

Please find the URL in a secure note.


Hey @tristup

Thanks for testing on your end and creating that page…

As mentioned above, I had no issues with the classic image (it showed right away) but only the new elements and the quick add areas. It’s been a while since I did any web design, so it’s slipped my mind to test in another browser first. But after seeing that you had no issues, it dawned on me that it could be a browser thing. Lo and behold, I opened your test page in Safari (13.1.2) and as soon as I touched the image element inserted, it disappeared. This caused me to go over to Chrome and opened the same page, which had no issues. Even added another image element in Chrome with the logo and all is good.

So it turns out this is a bug with the builders, svg and Safari. It’s fine, as I’ll just develop/design in Chrome for the time being (as the final saved page will render fine in Safari, just not in builder). But would be nice if this could be looked into and fixed, as Safari is my preferred browser.


Hi Mark,

We added this to our issue tracker so that our developer was able to determine the bug issue in Safari but we don’t have an exact time when this will be looked at because most of the developers are using Google Chrome/Firefox to develop the website which has no issues at all.

Thank you.

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Hi Mark,

I’ve looked into this and wasn’t able to reproduce what you’re describing. I logged into your site and things were working normal with Safari 13.1.2 for me. Something you could try is temporarily deactivating any browser extensions you are running, and also try in private browsing to make sure nothing is cached.

I also checked with the latest changes in our codebase. Quite a bit of the code for drag/drop has been rewritten for the next update as we are fully moving off Ember and using React for everything in the builder and preview. It’s likely that after updating this won’t be an issue anymore. We are hoping to be ready for a beta this month. All that said, we might see this resolved in the course of just keeping things up to date.

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