Breadcrumbs for custom portfolio page in Renew stack

Hi, I am struggling with this breadcrumb issue and haven’t found my exact issue or solution when searching forums.
I created a page with an essential grid as my portfolio parent page, because the Portfolio layout doesn’t suit my needs and I’d rather not rewrite the php. I have tried to change the Portfolio Parent option but it only shows Default as an option. So on my Portfolio item pages, there is a blank space between Home and Item. I know others have had this issue but I can’t figure out how to solve it. How can I make it so my Portfolio Parent item is the page I want instead of it looking for a page using Portfolio layout? TIA for your help.

Hi @jlswilton,

Thanks for writing in! Regretfully, at this time I am not entirely certain what it is you would like to accomplish based on the information given in your post, please provide us clarification and provide us a direct page URL where we can see the issue.


Screen Shot 2021-09-29 at 11.41.09 AM

Please see image.

Here is the link to the page:

Note that the portfolio index page is missing from the breadcrumbs. I do not understand why. I am not able to use the Portfolio page layout because it does not meet my needs. I am using a page with an essential grid instead.

Hello @jlswilton,

You are having this issue because you did not assign a Portfolio Parent or at least have a page that is using the Layout - Portfolio template since you are using Portfolio Items as your Faculty and Staff.

To get your issue resolve, please go to Pages > Add New and create a “Faculty and Staff” page. Use the Layout - Portfolio page template for this page so that all your portfolio items will have a parent page in the breadcrumb.

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Best Regards.

I cannot assign the Portfolio Layout to the parent page, because I am using a page with Essential Grid instead of the native Portfolio index. If I try to use the Portfolio layout on the index page, it overrides the Essential Grid.
The only page I am allowed to assign as the Portfolio Parent is ‘Default’. There is no way to choose another option.

I will include credentials in a private note.

Hi @jlswilton,

I have checked it in my local environment and found the issue you described here. The only solution is what my colleague has suggested, but in that case, the Custom Layout assigned to the Portfolio Archive page has been overridden by the Page Template.
As you are using the X there is no such option to override the Portfolio Template as you are trying to achieve.

What you are expecting is required customization of the Layout template which is not possible with the X theme. To get customizable Layout, I would suggest you upgrade into Pro, which has the Layout builder for that.
I would suggest you upgrade to Pro theme by following the process for upgrade X to Pro here:

After you upgrade it to Pro, please follow the steps I have tried in my local environment. I have added a page for Portfolio parent using the Portfolio page template as suggested by my colleague, then created a Single Custom Layout using the Layout Builder with all the custom data and the structure and assigned it to the specific page for the Portfolio parent, and it works.

Please remember that assigning the Archive layout will not work, you need to create a Single Layout and assign it to the Portfolio parent page.

Hope it helps.

Thanks. I actually have a Pro Unlimited license, but I bought it after this site was built and was just trying to avoid the extra work of switching it over. I’ll have to consider doing that. Thanks.

You are most welcome @jlswilton

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