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Our site used to show the author of a post underneath the post title. I have checked to make sure that the post meta is turned on in the blog section but the author is still not showing up. Is there a way to fix this without adding the author’s name in a paragraph in the post?

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Upin checking the website I see that you have added a custom CSS code that’s hiding author name. Please remove following code and doing so will automatically display author name.

p.p-meta span:nth-child(1) {
    display: none !important;


Thanks! This worked! But I now have a different problem. We have many guest authors (most of our articles are assigned to them) and it now lists our web manager as the author of all of the stories.

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Thanks for updating in! You will need to edit each of the post or a certain group of post and then re assign the author for that post. You might want to check out this link:



I tried that and the site is still showing the same one person for all posts.

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In that case, please provide us with the admin access to your site in a Secure Note:

Yes I will send one attached to this note as it is not letting me attach one to yours

Hi Don,

Thank you for the credentials, it seems its the Co-Authors Plus plugin is causing the issue. Please deactivate that plugin and try to change the author of your posts again, just enable it back after.


Thanks for all your help with this. Unfortunately the author is still showing up incorrectly. On the backend, in my WordPress account I can see the correct guest authors, but on the front end on my website, the authors are still all the same person. I deactivated Co-Authors Plus and have not enabled it again. Please advise.

Hello Don,

I have checked your plugins section and I found out that Co Author Plus plugin is still active. I went ahead and deactivated the plugin. Clearly it does not work. I would highly recommend that you edit each respective post item and then manually assign the guest author for that post.

Please let us know how it goes.

In that author section, only members of our team show up. People who have accounts on our page. I have tried adding the authors under “custom fields” as both guest authors and authors. Basically, the only stories with the correct authors are the ones that were written by people with accounts on our site.

Hello Don,

The credentials provided above does not work anymore, based on the initial posts,

The author the theme shows were intentionally hidden with a custom CSS.

The site used to show an author from customization or/with Co-Authors Plus plugin.

With this in mind, this could be an issue with your customization, regretfully we can not provide support for customizations or any 3rd party plugins, please contact the original developer of your site to fix the issue.


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