Change width of gutenberg editor - revisiting

Hi, any different code for this I can try? The one below didn’t work for me, and the plugin isn’t updated so I didn’t want to install. Thanks!

Hey @jenrafi,

I have just tried the code provided in the thread you have linked and it is working fine on my end. Also, please note that this request is not part of the theme support we provide as this has nothing to do with X and Cornerstone but Gutenberg and the core Wordpress itself.

However, we can try checking your setup why the code is not working please provide us with the admin access to your site in a Secure Note:

Thanks Jade! I actually decided to just work with Cornerstone for this. Now I’m having issues with vertically aligning an image in a column (since the “style” field is no longer there and CSS doesn’t seem to be working) but I’ll do my research and then open a new topic if needed… thanks again!

You’re always welcome @jenrafi.

Feel free to always open a new thread.


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