Header Translation not working

Hi there,
I’ve create a Header for my first language and I’ve tried to tranlate it into english with WPML but it was impossible to create an editable template. Can you help me please?

Hey @mcvanz,

I’m sorry but I’m currently not sure what you mean by:

Would you mind expanding on that or giving us more details? Can you also confirm that you’re using the translation flags in the builder?

Because we can only see the issue when in the backend, please also give us your site’s WordPress Login URL, Username and Password in a Secure Note.


Hi there
I confirm i’m using flag in the builder. I followed these steps:

  1. header created, global

  2. click on english flag

  3. click on “translate” button

  4. click on “copy existing” (i can not see the word “italian” in the dropdown… strange…)

  5. now I don’t see any template. It seems blank

Hey @mcvanz,

I’m currently not sure why this happens so I’ll post this in our secure note for further investigation.

For now, a quick solution is to reload the page when you’re in the copying stage. See https://youtu.be/IlBIBm9j4lw

For the existing header, you can save the header as a template and import it to the other language.

Hope that helps.

Thank You!
Your “reloading” solution works with it! Waiting for your update on this bug!

You’re welcome.

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