Essential Grid hiding slider arrows

So, as the title says, we’re having some problems setting one row sliders using essential grid.

  1. While we can add the arrows to move through the row, it disappears when hovering over the post it is located. See images below:

  1. Arrows are showing up only on editor/preview mode. When saving the skin and opening the site, we can’t see nor scroll through the row’s content.

Is this some conflict between essential grid and X theme or we are doing something wrong?

Hey @dislu_do,

The issue you described does not happen in my test site but our setup might be different so please give us WordPress Admin access or export your grid so we can replicate your exact setup in our test site and see if there’s a conflict. If you choose to export, upload the exported grid to Dropbox or a similar service for us to download.

Post the information in a Secure Note.


Thanks for replying, @christian_y. Grid export and admin access in secure note.

Hi @dislu_do,

Something is adding display:none to those buttons. To counter it, please add this CSS to Theme Options > CSS

.esg-navigationbutton {
    display: block !important;

I still can’t find what’s causing this on your setup.


It’s a total mystery :sweat_smile: CSS code definitely solved it though, thank you!

You’re welcome!
We’re glad @Rad were able to help you out.

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