Using Templates in Post

I am trying to create a post that has the template named Motivational Hero Video.
I have checked a lot of Forum articles, which I think made me more confused.
I am using the X theme. I tried using Cornerstone to do this but did not work.

I am a beginner at this. I would appreciate if you could point me someplace that will explain how to create as post using a template.
Thank you

Hi Bill,

Thanks for reaching out.
What we understand, that you are trying to build a Custom Page Template for your posts. If that is the case you need to know how you can create a Page Template. Please go through the following URLs on how you can create that.


After you create the template, you can specify it to be added only for the post by adding the following code just under the Template Name: tag.

Template Name: Your Template Name
Template Post Type: post

So this template will only visible to the posts.

Hope it helps.

Thank you very much for this information.
I followed the short video but could not get it to work.
Everything seemed to go ok until I clicked on Add Page. When I looked at Page Attributes, I could not find my new Custom page. I checked the wp-content directory and the file is there with the php extension.
Do you have any ideas what the problem is?
Thank you

Hello Bill,

It could be that you have added an invalid character, named or uploaded the file incorrectly. To better assist you with your issue, kindly provide us access to your site so that we can check your settings. Please create a secure note with the following info:
– Link to your site
– WP login URL
– WP username
– WP password
– WP Administrator Role

To know how to create a secure note, please check this out: How The Forum Works

Best Regards.

I have sent a secure note with the site information.
Thank you very much for looking into this.

Hey Bill,

I believe you’re trying to create a post with the Motivational Hero Video (see and I see you’ve already installed the template as well. The problem you’re having is because Cornerstone was not enabled for the posts, I went ahead and enabled it via X > Settings.

I now have created a post with Motivational Hero Video template (see secure note for the post link)

To learn how to use the template in post/page please see


Thank you very much.
I have to go back and look. I thought I could not use Cornerstone for Posts. Maybe I am reading older docs in the Forum. It is very difficult to find the right information in the doc at It would be great if there was an index of the docs someplace?
Thank you again. I will look back and try to see if I understand what you did.

Hello Bill,

Yes, please try and let us know how it goes. Please feel free to reach us if you have any other concern regarding our theme.

Have a great day!

Hi Nabeel
I looked at the Blog page you made me. There is a problem that I can’t figure out.
When I view the website and click on the Blog menu, the heading is visible on the page. However, the image is not there. If I go to the Dashboard–>Posts and View the page, then it looks fine. Do you know what can cause this? Actually I am having this problem with some of the pages I made. Other pages that I made are fine. I have no idea what, if anything, I did differently on these pages.
I would appreciate any thoughts you may have.

Well, I looked at some of the Cornerstone videos you gave me. I am still having a problem. I can’t edit the text, or even find the video you put on the site when I am using Cornerstone. I am not sure what the problem is. I have a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and I am a computer geek. I guess I have to keep looking and try to figure it out.
Anyway, the real issue is the Blog page. I would appreciate it if you have any ides why the image is not showing on the blog page.
Thank you

Hello William,

The Blog index or Posts Page will display the featured image. Your “Be successful” post does not display anything because you haven’t inserted a featured image.

Please go to Posts > All Posts, select the “Be Successful” post, and click edit.

To know more about how you can insert a featured image, please check this out:

Thank you very much. There is sooooooooooooo much to know. Can I borrow your brain for a little while? :smiley:

Hi William,

You’re welcome and it’s our pleasure to help you. If you have any other concerns, feel free to reach us.

Thank you.

Hello Nabeel
Sorry, but I am just not getting this. As I indicated, earlier, the post image was showing when viewed the page but not when I went to the Blog though the site menu. I did what you said and followed your instructions to add the featured image to my post. I went to Posts, clicked “edit” for this doc and set the Featured Image. I took the image from the media center. Now when I viewed the site from the edit page, I saw two images, the original image with the text and the audio, and I also saw the Featured image I just set with no audio and no text.
I went to the page you had set up and looked at it through Cornerstone. I wanted to see how you built the page and thought it would help me. It is a very complicated image, especially for a beginner. It has a modal for the image, it also has the video and audio embedded in it. Using Cornerstone, I was able to see the heading “Find the”. I was not able to see the heading “key to Motivation”. I did not see the audio either.

I have the feeling that I am not doing this right. I looked through the documentation but couldn’t find any relevant information so I wanted to ask you.

Again, I really appreciate all of your help.

Thank you

Hello Bill,

The Motivational Hero Video content ( is actually a template that should be used when you create your new page. The template is composed of a section, row, column, headline, and the content area modal element. The image is displayed as a background image for the section.

It is not advisable to use this as a template for your posts. Usually, when you create a post, a featured image and some post content text are needed. The featured image will then be displayed in the blog index along with the excerpts of the post content. Are you expecting to display something different for your blog index? Please give further clarification as to what you want to do for your post and your blog index.

Thank you.

Now I am totally confused.
You just told me as an answer to my last post, and why I sent the post you are answering, is that you told me that you createdd the post. When I looked at the post you made, the image was not visible on the Blog. It was visible when viewing the post. You told me this was because I did not set the Featured Image and gave me instructions how to do so. After setting the featured image it didn’t work for the reasons I described in my last post… Now in your most currtent answer I think you are saying to not use the Blog page with the template that you created for me… I am confused.
What I want to do is what I have started to build. This is, I want a blog page containing all of my posts. I created the blog page in the Pages section and am now building my Post pages in the Post section of the Dashboard.
I would like the Motivational video to be one of the posts on my post page. I would like the post to look exactly like it looks at the link: (

I hope I have explained this well and I hope you can help me.
Thank you for your help and thank you for your patience.

Hi Bill,

It seems that you need a Post Template like the Motivational Hero Video which you can set with any post. If that is the case, as correctly pointed out by my colleague that is a Page Template which is not advisable to use in Post as a template.
If you want a single post that looks like Motivational Hero Video, you can use the page and add the specific post content to that page, but if you need to show multiple posts in a similar template you need to create this template separately for the post, as explained before.

Alternatively, you can try by editing the specific Post using the Cornerstone and add an element you required, but please remember that it editing in Cornerstone will remove the content added through the Default or Block editors.

Please note that showing a post in a specific structure and design is not called as Post Template. Post Template is a pre-formatted structured WordPress file(mostly .php) that can be implemented in many of the post or pages.


Hello Tristop
Thank you for your reply.
Your colleague created a post templagte for me (he said). When I went to view the template it did not work because it was not showing the image on the website. He said I needed to select the feature image which I did. However, after selecting the image, it still did not work. That is what I wrote to you about.
However, I do not think your response addresses your colleages template not working. It seems like you are giving me the high level view instead of addressing the direct queston. I apologize if this is my newbie misunderstanding.t
Since I am a newbie, I really did not understand every sentence you wrote. It would help a lot if you coulfd provide references or links to areas that you are presenting.
If you could provide those links and also address why your colleages template is still not working after I selected the Featured image, that would be great.
Thank you

Hello Bill,

@Nabeel is the one who created the post using the Motivational Hero Video page template. Your very first post was this: “I am trying to create a post that has the template named Motivational Hero Video.” This is why @Nabeel created the post. You then mentioned that nothing is displayed in the Blog index and I was the one who pointed out that because there was no featured image. Now that you have added it, you then again have another issue that when you view the post, you are seeing the featured image and all those images and elements from the Motivational Hero Video template.

In my opinion, you must have misunderstood the Motivation Hero Video template vs the post/page template.

Page templates are a specific type of template file that can be applied to a specific page or groups of pages.

Post Template Files:
There are many template files that WordPress uses to display the Post post type. Any content dealing with a blog or its posts are within the Post post type.

The Motivational Hero Video and All Content Templates that you find in our Design Cloud are templates that you can use to create a page or a post using the Cornerstone or the Pro Editor which is our own page builder. Any of these content templates will need to be used accordingly with the help of the different page templates that we have built-in the theme. For more details about the different page templates in the theme, please check this out:

Regretfully, we do not have built-in Post Templates in the theme. Those content templates may be used to create a post, you may not achieve the best results compared to using the content templates in creating a page. This is also why @Tristup responded that you need to create your own custom Post Template.

Hope this explains it briefly.

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