YouTube video on Slider Revolution on mobile not playing


I recently had a YouTube video on my slider Revolution slide stop playing on my phone. It still works on a desktop down to tablet though. I haven’t changed anything so I’m not sure why it isn’t working. I get a error:

“An error occurred. Please try again later.
(Playback ID: (new id each time))
Learn more”

My site is

Thank you,

Hello Melanie,

Thanks for writing in! When I checked your site in mo Android phone, I do not see the error. The video is not playing though. It just keeps on loading and loading. To better assist you with your issue, kindly provide us access to your site so that we can check your Slider settings. Please create a secure note with the following info:
– Link to your site
– WordPress Admin username / password

To know how to create a secure note, please check this out: How The Forum Works


I did as requested. Thank you.

Hi Melanie,

You have to turn ON the Autoplay option of the video layer.

And please do not forget to clear your caching plugins before testing your site again.

Please check your site now.

Thank you for your help although I cleared the caching plugin for my site but it still isn’t playing On my phone. It spins for a few seconds then stops and won’t play.

Hey Melanie,

You also need to clear the browser cache of your phone. You can make use of the private browsing mode in your mobile phone and test your site again. Kindly check this out:

Hope this helps.

I did clear my browsing cache and tried incognito mode. I also tried my husbands phone and same issue. I tried 3 different browsers on my phone.

So you have no issue with It playing on your phone?

I also tried using my cellular data vs my home wifi and no difference. We both have iPhones, I can’t check on a different phone unfortunately.

Hello Melanie,

I do not have any issue playing the video on my Android phone. I will forward this thread so my colleagues who has an iPhone so that they can double check your site.


Thank you for all your help so far.

You are most welcome!

I had my friend try their Samsung phone when they were here and the video played on their phone. So it is just an issue with my husband and my iphone. It’s so odd.

Hey Melanie,

I checked on an iPhone and the Youtube video is working / playing also.


I believe there’s something on your phones and/or network that prohibits Youtube video playback.

I’d recommend you consult with a local IT expert in your area to check what’s wrong with your iPhones.


Ok thank you for your help. At least I know it’s just our phones so at least everyone else sees it properly.

You’re welcome, Melanie.

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