Updates not appearing in private browser

Hi there,

Strange one…

My changes to a page are showing for me, but I had reports of changes not appearing for some others.

Assuming it was a caching issue, I checked this in a private browser and it’s showing the previous version.

I tried recreating the page entirely (using templates) and it’s still doing the same thing.

The end goal is to change “Preorder” to “Order now”.

See screenshots.

Hello @archerthefox,

Thanks for writing to us.

It might be the issue of cache, I would suggest you troubleshoot with a few of the common issues before we investigate your settings.

  1. Testing for Plugin Conflict
  2. CSS/JS Customization
  3. Version Compatibility
  4. Disabling Cache

If none of those work, please send your details in a secure note. Please provide the following details

  • WordPress Login URL
  • Admin level username and password
  • Exact Page URL

You can find the Secure Note button at the bottom of your posts


I removed my custom CSS, saved it, and pasted it back in and saved it and it worked.

Hey @archerthefox,

We are really glad that you have resolved the issue already. Thanks for letting us know!


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