Modern Events Calendar - No Longer Processes Payment

I am using the Modern Events Calendar for customers to pay for courses on our website.
In my settings, under Payment Gateways, I have it set up to Pay by WooCommerce. Everything has been working perfectly for the past few months. However, now, when the customer fils out the booking form and clicks next to proceed to payment, it skips directing to the payment page and immediately displays “Booking received” and then submits the booking to us as “free”. No settings have been touched since we had this set up…so why is this all of a sudden happening?

Hi Jana,

To better assist you with this issue,please provide us the following info in Secure Note

  • Wordpress admin login url
  • Wordpress admin username
  • Wordpress admin password


Thanks for looking into this!

Hi Jana,

Thank you for the credentials.
Can you copy your site over staging? You can follow our migration guide here (
On staging, please try to downgrade to a theme compatible version of woocommerce version 3.6.2. See it compatible version. You can download it from here. Please check again after installing this version.

Thanks. I contacted Modern Events Calendar and they pointed out that my backend settings had changed when I did an update. Everything has been fixed and is working correctly now.

Glad you were able to resolve it :slight_smile:

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