Email of contact forms NOT working!

Hi, I’m using the latest version of X and updated all plugins etc.
But, since recently - when one fills in the form on my clients website - nothing happens. The field go to blank,
no message is displayed and no email is received. HELP! Anyone with this same problem? I cannot seem to find why this is happening.

There is no need to shout.

It is going to be much easier for the wonderful support people here if you can be a little more specific. What forms are you using? Contact Form 7? Some other plugin? A custom made form?

FYI, my forms work fine since the last update. So it could be another plugin causing this.

Was I shouting? oh the ! :wink: sorry about this. Client was a bit worried, I checked and it was not working. It’s CF 7. I just updated everything. So there’s no other issue you are aware of?

Hi, the issue is with SAFARI on a Mac. On Chrome, you get the nice ‘Message sent’, but on Safari the fields just go blank and no message there.
@ Trista: you say the wonderful support people. Are they back? Cause it used to be so, back in the days, and then suddenly it was gone. So I quitted when this happened. If the support is back to the old level, I’ll be exploring the latest X in the near futuree to see what has happened since.

Hello @MacMartino,

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