Woocommerce stripe Gateway & Theme Conflict

Hi there,
On my site https://dhbrownstaging.wpengine.com, I’ve found a bug and I’m not sure what is causing it so I thought I would reach out.

I was having problems getting my variable products to work properly i.e. change the photo and description when you change the product from the variation dropdown.

So I started troubleshooting by deactivating all the plugins and the functionality started working, which was great. Then I started reactivating and found the culprit or so I thought.

First it was the Disqus comments plugin by Themeco. When I enabled that, it broke the variable products. So I have that disabled and went about reactivating the other plugins and bam, stopped working again.

So I kept troubleshooting and found out that with the Woocommerce Stripe Payment Gateway enabled the variable product functionality also does not work. Now this one is the problem, as we can’t take payments without it.

I’m going to reach out to Woocommerce too, but I thought I would see if you are able to help me get this fixed.

Thanks for the help!

Hey @powrider686,

There’s a Javascript error coming from your Stripe Key setup. Please first contact the Woocommerce Stripe Payment Gateway plugin support to learn how to resolve this.

Please also test switching to the parent theme and also the default WordPress theme and record the difference. This will tell us if there’s something in the child theme causing the issue and if the issue is only happening with our theme.

I’ve also moved your credentials to a secure note. Even if it’s just a staging site, it’s still best to post in a secure note for your security and privacy.


Ok, I didn’t notice that error. I updated the keys which resolved the error, and that allowed the variable products to work again.

Thanks for the help on that.

It does look like Disqus is still causing a conflict but I have disabled it on the shop pages and the problem has gone away. There could be a bug there though.

Thanks again and Merry Christmas!

You’re welcome. Glad it’s working now.

Regarding Disqus, it does not conflict with the variation functionality. It’s not recommended to enable in product pages also because you have a separate WooCommerce Review system.

Enjoy your holidays.

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