Map Marker Moving When Zooming

Our map marker is moving as we zoom in and zoom out.

Can you please help this not happen?

Hey Justin,

The map zooms in and out of the location of the longitude and latitude. Please check if that’s the same location as your marker.

If that doesn’t help, please give us WordPress Login Details in a Secure Note


I have set the coordinates the same but zooming still causes the marker not to align.

Hi Justin,

Thank you for the credentials, please reset the marker x and y offset to 0, and make your marker small.


I have updated the marker location AFTER remocing the offsets. However, I don’t understand shrinking the marker. I want the text to be legible on the marker. Also, as I zoom in and out the marker doesn’t stay fixed on the location.

Hi Justin,

I have checked the map on your site again, and I don’t see the issue on the markers anymore they all point on the same spot while zooming the map now. Did you already resolve the issue?


This ticket is for the first map on the page, with a single point, not the lower map with three points.

Hi Justin,

Oh sorry about that, it’s been a long day. That seems to be a corrupted map marker. When I delete and re-add the marker on a test page, it resolves the issue. Try doing that on your actual page too.


I deleted the marker and created it anew. Still suffering the same issue. The map marker doesn’t stay on the correct point as I zoom in and out.

Hey Justin,

Let’s focus on the exact location you’ve set for a moment. Viewing on Google Maps, the location is above the Daniel Vaughn Designs. Take note of this.

In the builder, you’ve positioned the marker at the same spot as the location which is correct. The only problem with that is your marker is huge. That’s maybe why Friech said to make your marker smaller. But, that’s not necessary. Read on.

Now, if we stack those 2 screenshots together, you’ll see that the exact point is in the middle of your marker. That is why when you zoom in, “it looks like” it’s moving because we’re maybe focusing on the tail/sharp end of the marker. Is that right? I’ve recorded a video (see secure note) and I placed a pointer and the marker doesn’t move.

Knowing that your marker’s tail/pin/sharp end position in relation to the location, I believe we’ll agree that we need to nudge the marker up. You can do that using a negative Y Offset value.

Stacking the new screenshots again, we see that the location and the marker’s tail is aligned. Because the map will zoom at the exact location you’ve set, and the marker’s tail now lands in the same location, it will not move. In fact, it’s not moving to begin with. It just looked like it’s moving because were focusing on the marker’s tail.

Hope that helps.

That fixed it! Thank you!

You’re welcome! Glad we got it sorted!

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