Classic column container v2

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I used a lot of classic rows/columns, using the classic columnn container. Now with v2 I cannot find this function nor according settings. I just see global container but it doesnt allow me to have same cloumn settings/width as column container.

How can I replicate the settings of Classic column container in v2?

Hi @bakrona,

Thanks for reaching out.

Can you explain furthermore about the issue you are facing on, providing screenshots is a great help to determine your concerns.

On the other hand, maybe turning on the Advanced Mode would help you with your concerns.

Hope that helps and let us know how it goes.

Thank you.

Please see secure note for details. I am basically looking for the column container switch in rows which are v2 or at least how to reproduce the same layout than with column container

thank you

Hi @bakrona,

Global Container in the Row V2 element will allow you to produce a similar layout like Column Container of the classic Row element. Please find the screenshot describing the setting.


Hi, I try to play around with it but it does not yield the same results. What settings do I need to reproduce the column container as it used to be? Even when I turn on global container in section 3 it does not refelect the same width as in section 1

Hello @bakrona,

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hi there, thanks for the reply

Hey @bakrona,

The Classic Row’s Column Container is the same as the New Row’s Global Container. Both options simply apply the Global Site Width and Max Width.


The difference between the Classic Row and the New Row is that the New Row uses Flex Layout. To replicate the Classic Row and Column setup, you need to adjust the Flex options so it’s essential that you learn about Flex first. You can learn here and also from our video here

Looking at your site, you didn’t turn the Global Container to On as my colleague suggested.

Setting the Global Container to On will surely work as they are the same as I’ve said above.

Hope that helps.

i had it on and it made no difference. I have it on again and still see no difference. can you please tell me what is going wrong here? I am confused

Hey @bakrona,

I’m confused as well because if you take a look at my screenshot, our suggestion works.

Would you mind posting a screenshot of what you see and tell us what’s the resolution of your monitor. If you’re not sure, visit and give us the screen size data.


too complicated, i replaced with classic section.

Hi @bakrona,

If you want to use the New Row in the future, just follow what @christian recommend you above.

Thank you.

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