Getting rid of slider revolution above masthead

I set up my page using the church demo with the slider revolution above masthead. I am trying to remove it. I thought if I just deleted the slider revolution slide, it would delet it all. But now, in cornerstone, when I am trying to edit the home page it gives me the msg: Oops…slider with alias church home not found. How do I get rid of this thing.

Thanks for the hlep

Hello Lori,

Thanks for writing in! The slider were assigned to the masthead. To get rid of the slider, you must find the Slider Settings: Below Masthead settings and assign NO sliders at all. Edit the page in Cornerstone and click the Cog icon in the left panel. You should be seeing the Page Settings like in the screenshot below:

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Best Regards.

Oh…You are awesome. It worked. Thank you so much!!!

One other question. Is there an element that I could add to a page that would allow me to add in links that would show up with the picture of the link and also the first few words of their text…I want to be able to link to news sites …what would be the best element to use to do that.


Hello Lori,

Regretfully we do not have any feature just like what you have describe. You may need to install 3rd party plugin for that functionality. Do you have any example URL that you can show to us? We might be able to find out what plugin used and you can also use it for your site.


I have been looking at the other demos and came on one that might work until I can find what I want. On your Education demo – on the home page you have a section that is labeled News and Events. It has 4 equally sized rectangles with links. I’m assuming the element used was buttons, but after working with buttons for awhile, I can’t figure out how to make the buttons equal in size. Can you let me know how you did it?

Also, it would be tremendously helpful for those of us who are newbies if there was a document attached to each demo which gave instructions to how they accomplished at least the home pages. Yes, I know that is a lot to ask, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

Hi Lori,

The News and Events in the Education demo are using the Classic Recent Posts element. You can enable it in X > Settings > Permissions > Classic Elements.

And thanks to your feedback. We will forward it to the person in charge of the documentation.

Best Regards.

Thanks for your help. Have a great day

You’re welcome Lori!
We’re glad we were able to help you out.

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