Custom fonts not recognizing BOLD / STRONG variations?

Hi there, I have a client that would like to utilize the MARK PRO font.

I converted it to WOFF and WOFF2 then proceeded to upload that.

Issue is, I can only choose regular and italic from the dropdowns. Why can that be the case?

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Hello @Pbalazs89,

Are you referring to this one?

It seems that you have added this custom CSS:

.x-acc-header-content {
    font-size: 32px;
    font-weight: 700;

The custom CSS forcibly made the font weight changed from the regular 400 to 700 bigger. Remove your custom CSS to resolve your issue.

Best Regards.

Hi there,

Like the first screenshot I attached, the problem is with the FONTS section of Theme Options. When I added all the variants of the fonts, it recognized all of the as either regular or Italic. Here like you said, I tried to force the BOLD variant, but it just simply will not load.

Hi @Pbalazs89,

The reason why the other choice of MarkPro font is not showing is that you only set it for 300 and 400. If you want to show to 200 and 900 font, you need to check that option in the font. This is what I am referring to.


Hope that helps.

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