Essential grid not allowing me to save or create

Im trying to create an essential grid but its not allowing me to save a grid or even create one. Please advise
thank you

Hello @Jennine,

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I just tested in our local testing area. Essential Grid 2.3.6 plugin works perfect in WordPress 5.4 and 5.5 with no issues. We can create a grid or edit the grid. Please make sure that you are up to date. It would also help if you can check out the most common issues in a site. Kindly check this out:

If nothing is helping, To better assist you with your issue, kindly provide us access to your site so that we can check your settings. Please create a secure note with the following info:
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Im not sure if this is a plugin conflict but I actually need the plugins I have installed so Is there another way (besides essential grid) I can accomplish boxes with a hover overlay of a headline styled differently than the body text as shown here: Please look at the hover functionality.
Thank you

Hello @Jennine,

You have several sites attached with your licenses. Can you please point out which site is it so that we can login?
By the way, the Essential Grid or TheGrid plugin is the only way you can have something similar to the example URL.


here is the url: thank you

Hey @Jennine,

Thank you for providing the URL. I checked your setup, while working inside the Essential grid there were couple of JS errors which are preventing the essential grid to work, i believe it’s because of a plugin conflict.

If you cannot deactivate any of your plugins then an alternate solution could be to use The Grid plugin (see you can create a similar grid with this extension too. You can see the examples on their official site

Hope this helps!

ok. Ty. Can I have a hover overlay with the grid as seen here?

Hello @Jennine,

I have looked the several examples for the Essential Grid skins and this is the one close to your example using the Vimeo Stream skin:

You may need to create your own skin. Kindly check out this documentation:

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Hello, I understand how to use the skin editor in essential grid but nabeel said there is a conflict with one of the plugins I am using which is not allowing me to use the essential grid feature. He suggested I use just “the grid.” So my question is , can I get the overlay hover effect with the grid feature as he suggested? I need the plugin that I have installed. I cant disable them. Please advise. Thank you

Hi @Jennine,

With TheGrid plugin, these are the closest available skin example you can have:

You can utilize one of these skin, modify it to display similar to your example url or even create your own skin. As for this plugin, you can check out this documentation on how to edit the skin:

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ok ty. I would like the source to just be photos that I upload directly to the grid. Not dynamic. I don’t see an option for that in the source tab. All I see is post, youtube, flicker, instagram etc,
How can I do that? Thank you

Hello @Jennine,

Regretfully theGrid plugin does not have the ability to create a custom grid where you can just simply upload images that will consists of your grid items. This functionality is only available in Essential Grid plugin.

Hope this helps.

:confused: So how can i do this? I feel like I keep running into dead ends for a simple hover overlay on an image. I can’t disable the plugins for this site. We use them and they are necessary. Is there any other way? I just need to make these 5 photos have a hover as shown in this screenshot.

Hello @Jennine,

As of this moment, our developers are testing the Essential Grid 3.0.0 which is a big major update that contains WordPress 5.5 support. Once they are done, it will become available anytime soon in Automatic Updates. Essential Grid should be able to help you create this grid that you need for your site. Please wait for the update. Watch out for it.

Thank you for your kind understanding.

With the recent update, the essential grid is actually working on my site now. Thats great! Can you please tell me how to disable a hover on one of the columns? I have a 3 column row and I would like the top middle box (sign) to not have a hover on it at all.
Thank you

Hi Jennine,

Regretfully, there is no such option to remove the hover options from the specific item from the grid element. This hover options can be controlled through the Alternative Item Skin for each element settings.

There is an option to edit any existing Item Skin and set that to the specific items, that can be a solution to you. Edit an existing skin to blank or transparent colors and set that to other items except for the item you want that hover.
You can learn how to edit an existing skin:


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