Responsive header / video bg

Hi im trying to make responsive header with video backround . My video is only with full hd size so now it looks stupid when looking with my macbook pro since the resolution is a lot higher. Is there way to make the video stretch for a larger screensize? or do i have to make the bg video with larger dimensions, only problem is that if i do that the video size in mb s get high so the site download time will be higher. Any tips for using a video in header?

Hi Jimi,

Thank you for writing in, the background (image or video) is responsive to its container/bar, maybe the issue is on container/bar, what is the file size of your video? ideally is less than 5mb, but if your video is lengthy then exceeding 5mb is unavoidable.

Please provide us the direct page URL where we can see the video so we can take a closer look, you can use the secure note if you don’t want to post your site URL in public.


Im still building the site and its on mainentance mode so its hard to show you actuall site atm. But if the problem is on container/bar what should i do?

Hi Jimi,

If the bar is fullwidth, there should be no problem with it. We can still check your site even on maintenance mode. As stated on previous reply, please share site URL and credentials inside a secure note. Secure note content are only visible to you and us the admin of this forum.

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