Slider Revolution animation

I have just 3 layes that make up a slide. This is the same for all three slides. All I want is for the a single slide (all three layers) to slide from right to left when they transition from one to the next. There is no animation with each slide. No ease in or out, just a cut in and out. If you see my setting below, and it is this way for each slide, i would think this would accomplish what I am expecting but it does nothing. What am I doing wrong?

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I have even tried overriding the animation as seen in the screen shot but they still just CUT from one slide to another. What the heck am I doing wrong. I even found a video tutorial and I went step by step but it is not working.

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The Transitions > Slide to Left in General Settings only apply to new slides. Slide to Left is selected under Slide Animation should do the job as I’ve just tested it.

The slider animations involve Javascript and if there’s a script conflict in your site, it could affect the animation or any Javascript dependent feature for that matter.

Please try the common solutions listed by ThemePunch at

Only if nothing helps, please provide the URL of the page having this issue and also give us WordPress Admin access in a Secure Note


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