Weird spacing issues

I would like to have the spacing in these columns all be even on every device size. There are a couple of different things going on with specific sizes. Please see screenshots starting from Tablet size 768 and below.
The URL is
Thanks in advance for your help with this issue.

Hello @Jennine,

Thanks for writing in! You are having this issue because you place the blue #55befe background color in the text element. Please insert this blue background color in each of the columns to prevent any of those empty spaces.

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Best Regards.

Hi. Thanks for your response. That doesn’t do everything I need it to do. I would like a 2px white border on each column. There isn’t a margin available so I put a border around them. Making the columns blue makes the border disappear on some and also doesn’t fix all of the issues. And now there is a blue border showing around the image. Please see screenshot. I will attach the credentials.Thank you

Hey Jennine,

It seems like the custom CSS added for the class no-margin-mobile is causing the issue. I’d recommend you to remove the class and instead of showing/hiding different columns based on device size, use the Row element’s Layout feature by specifying the number of columns in different break-points under Layout (see screenshot)


You can learn more about the Row element here or see the video tutorial here

Hope this helps!

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