Keep Button Particle Active, even when not in hover state

Is there a way to keep the button particles active when not hovering over the button?
Maybe even make them disappear on the button hover?


Thanks for reaching out.

I don’t get what you mean by your question but can you explain further or maybe you could provide us screenshots or videos.

Thank you.

Sure! So on my button, I have a primary particle set up, so when you hover over the button, it gets a partial blue overlay over the button.

I was wondering if we can show that overlay when the button is not hovered over (inactive), and then hide it when the button is hovered over.

The first screenshot below is the button in it’s current inactive state (not being hovered). and the second screenshot is what the button looks like when you hover over it. I am bascially wanting to reverse these 2 hover effects. Hope this makes more sense!

button button hover

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